Three of the Best Commercial Real Estate Websites

With the myriad choices of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) websites and data platforms out there, it can be tough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Which sites offer the most accurate listings? Which sites offer the most comprehensive property data? Which sites provide advanced demographics and other site data? Are the paid platforms worth the cost? Over the years, we’ve tried out dozens of all of the above with varying degrees of success. Here three that we are using now. 1. CREXI

For finding listed properties, CREXI is our choice. It provides a clean interface, excellent search and filter options, and an integrated GIS map. Searching for and listing properties is currently free. Additional free features include a secure deal room with the ability to submit Letters of Intent and other deal-related documents via the application, as well as a simple pipeline feature that tracks the progress of your deals. Paid features include robust market intelligence reports and more than 40,000 property comps. 2. Reonomy

If you are looking for off-market properties, we’ve found Reonomy to be the best choice. Reonomy aggregates property data, owner contact information and, when available, loan information about properties across the country. It utilizes a simple search interface with excellent filters such as property type, building and lot size, sales and debt history, owner name, and more. Reonomy’s interactive GIS map makes searching, tagging and categorizing properties extremely simple. Pricing begins at $299 per month and there is an annual contract requirement. Read our full review of Reonomy here. 3. Business Analyst Online

Business Analyst Online (BAO) is Esri’s premier GIS application for analysis of sites for business. BAO is a one-stop application to identify and analyze specific areas, then present the results in customizable presentations. Areas can be defined in myriad ways including by zip code, radii, driving or walking distance, and more. Once your study area isdefined, BAO provides what seems like an infinite amount of analysis options such as demographics, retail gaps and trends, traffic, crime, and more. BAO also provides the option to import your own data including points and layers to further customize analysis for your specific industry. After analysis is complete, BAO has several slick options to present your results, from custom reports, infographics, and map-based stories to provide a more visual, attention-grabbing representation of the findings. BAO is available directly from the Esri website on a subscription basis for $1,100 per year, and individual demographic reports are available for $50 each, without a subscription.

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